I love that a birthday cake includes flames.  Did you ever consider why we put candles on birthday cakes?  Then we have the celebrant blow the flames out, bathing the cake in their outward flowing breath.  Is this even sanitary?  What is so important about fire?

A yogic perspective says that we light the candles to honor the spark of life, which is consciousness incarnated as the person who is celebrating the anniversary of their birth.  We ask them to share their breath as a blessing, a gift of their prana on this special day, bathing the cake and blessing all who eat it.  There’s a mystery hidden in our madness.

folding chairs insideI began to contemplate fire in earnest when Master Yoga burned down.  Six years ago, yogis arrived for the last day in the training going on and found charred remains of the building and folding chairs.  The blankets were all gone, along with our library and teaching supplies.  No one was injured.

The next day I left on a preplanned personal retreat.  With my air ticket in hand, I boarded a plane for India and began contemplating the fire.  I recognized that the fire went out of control because we were not acknowledging it.  The fire of yoga is the force behind everything Master Yoga does.  It all came from my Guru, who got it from his Guru, who got it from his Guru…  That’s why this Svaroopa® yoga stuff works!

Since then Master Yoga presents the fire in our graphics and publications.  While I asked for the fire to be honored in this way, I now realize that I never really explained it.   The fire of yoga is a profound metaphor as well as a tangible reality, especially when Kundalini’s heat begins to climb your spine tail-to-top.  That’s the Grace,  the  inner illumination, the gift bestowed by the teacher on those who choose yoga as a path to discover their own inner glow.

Fire needs fuel.  The fire that Master Yoga shares depends on the support of those who benefit from it, just like the fire in your fireplace depends on you adding a log.  So the Board and I come to you to ask for your donations in our annual birthday fundraising campaign, titled “The Fire of Yoga.”

cupcake & candle

We’ve also created a 21st Birthday Event, so you can celebrate the fact of Master Yoga’s life and what it means to you.  Please celebrate with us whether you assist with our funding or not.  Your party and your donation are not linked in any way.  

To celebrate, simply notice what you’re getting from your yoga and from Master Yoga; then get a cake and party with us on the weekend of May 17-19.  Click here to let us know in advance, and we’ll send the candles, balloons and more…

Yet I must confess, your donations do matter.  Especially now.  Right now, your donation is doubled, due to the generosity of a Svaroopi who is matching each gift up to a total of $10,000.  This is the time to give!

Your donation is deeply appreciated, regardless of size and whether it is a one-time gift or a monthly donation.  We need your support for this yogic fire to burn brightly.  Click here to donate.