by Swami Nirmalananda

birthday3I filled out every blank line in the first baby book I was responsible for.  The first tooth, the first steps, the first words – each one was a celebration, an affirmation of life.  Today I want to affirm Master Yoga’s life and service, for almost 21 years.  Today I want to invite you to celebrate.  The party is at your place…

  • For what you have learned from Master Yoga and from the teachers we’ve trained – celebrate!
  • For what you’ve gotten from Svaroopa® yoga, and for what you continue to receive every time you practice – celebrate!
  • For what you’ve been able to give, in your sharing of yoga and in your support for Master Yoga – celebrate!
  • For what you have yet to discover of yoga’s gifts – celebrate!
  • I’m going to celebrate my gratitude to my Guru, for the way in which His gifts to me have spread to all of you.  Celebrate!

We’ll send you a Party-in-a-Package – just email birthday@masteryoga.org to get your birthday balloons and candles for the cake, and more…  Let me come to your party, if you will.  In your party-pack, I’m including a Birthday Message you can read to everyone.  And I’m hoping to get lots of photos, of everyone’s birthday cake and candles – we’ll share everyone’s photos on our website.

Plan your event now – for anytime on May 17, 18 or 19.  Send your photos right away so everyone  (including me) can join your celebration.  Yogis know how to celebrate life, and to share their great joy with one another.