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by Swami Nirmalananda

Calgary candlesWatching the flames dancing in the firepit, it’s one of my strongest childhood memories. I loved the beach bonfires, the big campfire every night at summer camp, even the flames on the charcoal that my father lit in the barbecue on a warm summer night. Once they died down to coals, I lost interest. It was the flames.

Yoga fascinates like fire fascinates. Core opening keeps changing, a mesmerizing inner unfolding that is physical while it is more than physical. The fascinating inner process is the shimmering of consciousness being revealed within you — as you. The light shines through your eyes while the heat warms your heart and life. This is the fire of yoga working in you.

Master Yoga gives me a way to share the light and warmth from that fire so you can take it into your life. Whether you are the one who is diving into our immersion program or whether you benefit from your teacher’s studies, they all come from the source. I live in gratitude to my Guru for giving me what I share with you through Master Yoga.

Master Yoga’s birthday is also Muktananda’s birthday, for I founded it on his birth anniversary. Please help me celebrate both of these great events!

1 — celebrate by doing more yoga

2 — celebrate by having (or attending) a Master Yoga birthday party

3 — celebrate by sending your donation, a gift to support Master Yoga’s work in the world.

Your fire will burn more brightly at this time, for your donation is doubled.  A generous donor has made $10,000 available for doubling.  Click here to offer your gift. Every gift matters, of any size and frequency, whether a one-time donation or a monthly pledge. Thank you for your generosity.