Master Yoga Updates, April 23 2013

Master Yoga is blossoming like April flowers, with our Birthday coming up, plus more of our Reawakening Initiatives kicking into high gear.  Check out the information on our October conference and take advantage of a big discount for registering early.  Plus we’re welcoming a new member of our administrative team – lots of good news for you to catch up on!

21 Years of Bliss!

The Early Years

Enjoy some video clips  from Master Yoga’s 5th birthday celebration, just posted on our website.  Our Great Event was held in a nearby park, overlooking the ocean, an all-day event with entertainment, food and lots of yoga.  Swamiji is digging through archives to find more of Master Yoga’s history and will be posting them on the website in the coming days.

cupcake & candleLeaning in to Celebrate

by Susan Emerson

I recently took Foundations and Vidyadevi talked about leaning into to your bones. That has resonated with me since. I am constantly in a state of “leaning in.” It has become my mantra; lean into life; lean into my bones and lean into a state of Grace. Some days I forget, some days I slip and yet I always come back to “leaning in.” Such simple words yet so powerful.

I love Svaroopa® yoga. I have been doing some form of yoga for 30 years. I taught myself yoga with a book 30 years ago by Richard Hittleman – 28 Days of Yoga. That began my journey. I repeated that book over and over. Then I started taking all kinds of hatha yoga classes; something was always missing. Until finding Svaroopa® yoga, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was missing.

The practice of Svaroopa® yoga has taught me what the missing element was. To me Svaroopa® yoga is imbued with a richness of practice, philosophy and a deep spirituality. That was it: the trinity of the Divine all put together in one practice.

To me, Master Yoga’s 21st birthday is about coming of age. I am just starting out teaching Svaroopa® yoga, in a location to which I have recently moved. So I will be a party of one — celebrating with a cupcake and a candle on May 17.

[Susan is a Foundations Grad & is serving on our 21st Birthday Committee]

Party in a Packet

birthday3Birthday balloons and candles — let us know you’re having a party and we’ll send you all of these and more.  It also includes a a step-by-step guide to birthday bliss and a Birthday Message from Swami Nirmalananda

Click here for invitations you can email or print out to hand out or mail.  And a big poster to put on the wall of your yoga studio.

We’ll supply you with everything except the cake — that’s up to you!

Email for your Party Packet-

Fire Fascinates…

By Swami Nirmalananda

Watching the flames dancing in the firepit, it’s one of my strongest childhood memories.  I loved the beach bonfires, the big campfire every night at summer camp, even the flames on the charcoal that my father lit in the barbecue on a warm summer night.  One they died down to coals, I lost interest.  It was the flames.

Yoga fascinates like fire fascinates.  Core opening keeps changing, a mesmerizing inner unfolding that is physical while it is more than physical.  The fascinating inner process is the shimmering of consciousness being revealed within you — as you.  The light shines through your eyes while the heat warms your heart and life.  This is the fire of yoga working in you.

Master Yoga gives me a way to share the light and warmth from that fire so you can take it into your life.  Whether you are the one who is diving into our immersion program or whether you benefit from your teacher’s studies, they all come from the source.  I live in gratitude to my Guru for giving me what I share with you through Master Yoga.

Calgary candlesMaster Yoga’s birthday is also Muktananda’s birthday, for I founded it on his birth anniversary. 

Please help me celebrate both of these great events! 

1 — celebrate by doing more yoga

2 — celebrate by having (or attending) a Master Yoga birthday party

3 — celebrate by sending your donation, a gift to support Master Yoga’s work in the world.

Click here to donate.  Every gift matters, of any size and frequency, whether a one-time donation or a monthly pledge.  Thank you for your generosity.

October Yoga Conference


“The Conference is such a fun gathering ….lots of people who speak our language of Svaroopa® yoga, consciousness and growth! I highly recommend it.”

“It was a very deep experience. The courses were really unique and inspiring… the keynote address and chant with Swamiji were something I will remember and feel in my heart forever.”

  • Dive into a yoga weekend, a weekend of Svaroopa® yoga’s amazing techniques and teachings.
  • Discover the healing power of spinal release, blissful chanting, techniques for managing your mind, and deep meditation.
  • Teachers – refine your skills and deepen your knowledge while you dive deeper into your own Divinity.
  • Discover what Grace is and how you’ve been nourished by it all along.
  • Experience Grace more powerfully and learn how to bring it into your yoga practice and your life.

2013 Alignment with GraceAlignment with Grace

October 4-6, 2013

Svaroopa® Yoga Conference

Renaissance Hotel Philadelphia Airport

click here for more info

Reawakening:  Our New Enrollment System

We’re getting close!  Months of research and behind-the-scenes work have us on the cusp of being 21st Century Yogis.   We are upgrading our technology, to serve you better, smoother, easier, faster and more effectively. 

Our plan is that the changeover is easy for you, with the bulk of the changes being internal, making everything easier for our administrative team, so they can focus on you instead of paperwork.  Within two weeks, you’ll have a new online enrollment screen to plan your programs online.  Caroline Kennedy will continue to delight in serving you personally if you prefer, so you can do it the way you’ve always done it.

We will also be migrating your payment plans and monthly memberships to our  new system soon.  For this, we’ll ask you to log in and enter your credit card or bank account information.  We haven’t kept that information because it would pose a security risk, so you’ll need to provide it again.  If you prefer, we can get the info from you by phone, as we have a team of yogis ready to assist with the migration process.

Thank you to the yogis who have already given a weekend to preparing the Enrollment System by entering the information for our 2013 programs.  Rukmini Abbruzzi, Shuchi (Sue) Cilley, Louise Davis & Sri (Sonya) McNeill worked with sevite David Falbaum and staff member Cheryl Davis to set it up.   We’ll be unveiling it all very soon, including handling your October Conference enrollment.

Comings & Goings

Please welcome Cynthia Arnold as our Events & Communications Director.  She is creating a cohesive process from diverse tasks previously handled by different administrative team members.  This integration empowers us to stay focused on our Vision:  serving as the source of Svaroopa® yoga education, cultivating and supporting conscious community.

Cynthia will be managing our October conference, Alignment with Grace.  She will also coordinate with our out-of-town Hosts who bring Vidyadevi and Karobi to your neighborhood for YogImmersions and teaching tours.  Diving into Svaroopa® yoga quickly, Cynthia is starting weekly classes with a local teacher as well as working closely with Swami Nirmalananda in order to describe what we do, preparing to craft our communications both within our community as well as to the whole world.


 Your brain becomes saturated with the bliss of your own Being… The effect is immediate: you feel more present, peaceful, calm and clear. You feel happier! Consciousness leaves an imprint on your brain, a Bliss-Print.
– Swamiji & Rukmini


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