Nowhere to go, nothing to do — the essence of July. Or perhaps that’s a wish for the near or distant future. Either way, now is the time to register for our 2013 Conference: Alignment with Grace, October 4–6. With five conference tracks to choose from, you will be steeped in your choice of Svaroopa® Sciences for aligning your body, managing your mind and going deeper into your own Divine Essence.

Any day at home, your personal practice takes you there, reliably. When you attend a class with your local teacher, her or his teaching and the company of your community all deepen your opening inward. In weekend Yogimmersion, with a longer time, even greater focus and in the midst of more Svaroopis,your results are exponentially greater.  Imagine what you will experience at the Conference—the greatest gathering of Svaroopis anywhere on Earth, with two keynote talks by Swami Nirmalananda and sessions taught by all of the rest of our amazing Faculty.

The Shakti is so powerful every year that the staff of the Airport Philadelphia Renaissance Hotel comment on the unique feeling. It’s the synergy of the Svaroopa® yoga community — it’s being in the presence of your sister and brother Svaroopis as they enhance your experience while you contribute abundantly to theirs. Plus teachers can fulfill Continuing Education requirements for Current Standing. Click here to choose your track and register—and enjoy an early registration discount.