Last century, an elevator operator’s “Going up!” let you know that you were securely on your way to someplace better, a place where you really wanted to go. As a Foundations Grad you can be assured that registering for the next YTT Level 1, September 20–29, is moving yourself into a most wonderful place of deeper openings as well as expanded and refined skills for teaching Svaroopa® yoga. Level 1 takes you to places that you could not reach on your own.

Sarah HunterSarah Hunter of Atlanta GA, says about her April Level 1, “It was a deep immersion into yoga and teaching: Getting to know the poses and adjustments…to learn how to teach it to somebody else is a different thing. I was also aware that my Svaroopa® yoga practice and trainings have taken me much further than where I had hoped to be regarding previous mobility issues.”

davidfcrFrom the Twin Cities, David Falbaum adds, “I got blasted open starting from Day 1. It was really cool to have people from so many different walks of life…to learn about Svaroopa® yoga, each other and our own selves. It’s an environment that fosters growth. I had taught 25–30 classes between Foundations and Level 1. While I was comfortable teaching and my classes were effective, now I am teaching from a new level of being embodied. I can let my mind get out of the way — to let grace flow through. I speak more slowly and instruct poses precisely. Students have commented that my classes are deeper and calmer now.”

The elevator doors for the next level of Svaroopa® yoga experience and teaching are wide open and waiting for you. Step into Teacher Training for your own upliftment and for an assured way to make a difference in the world—starting with your own community. Going up!!