In addition to loving any reason to devote myself to God, this year I especially appreciate everyone’s focus on happiness.  

skier in trees

When you focus on happiness, you’re more likely to attain it than when you focus on all the other things you could focus on.  Like the skier says, “Don’t focus on the trees – you’ll hit them.  Focus on the spaces between the trees!”

I know your mind can find something to complain about in any family gathering or gift-giving exchange.  There’s never even a perfect meal, especially if you are the cook.  But if you focus on the parts of the event that make you happy, you’re a yogi.  Focused on the bliss.

Watch what happens when something “makes” you happy.  You’re giving a gift or sharing a story with others and it goes very well.  As the others appreciate your offering, your mind slows and stops.  When you stop thinking, bliss arises – you’re happy.

More happiness…

More yoga…