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quilt_photoI decided to make a quilt as part of my seva for Swamiji a year ago, even before I knew we were going to have the Conference: Alignment with Grace, never mind an auction.  I chose the elephants to be the centerpiece of the quilt; to me they represent India and all she stands for. I also fell in love with the beautiful colors in India when I was there in February, ergo the colorful fabrics. I particularly like the contrast between the black-and-white, antique-photograph looking elephants, and the bright colors.

Ganesha has always been important to me, and it turns out he is my primary God during this period of my life according to my jyotish (Vedic astrology chart). Therefore, when I was in India and deciding what to bring back for the quilt from our spiritual pilgrimage, I chose Ganesha. I pinned the pendant onto the quilt, so that if someone chose to wear it on a necklace they could easily do so.

It is an odd sized quilt: 44 inches by 77 ¾ inches. I based it on how many elephant squares I had to work with. But it will work as a spread (not a full-sized quilt) on top of a twin bed, a large lap quilt for taking a nap after lunch on the couch, or a wall hanging. There is a sleeve sewn on the back to put a rod through.

I offer it with love and blessings to Swamiji and the Conference.