Om namah Shivaaya

Grace flowed so sweetly through our Ashram community as we celebrated the birthday weekend together.  The increased vibration and focus on japa was palpable throughout the community! 

In Richmond, Virginia, Deborah Woodward and I invited fellow yogis to join together for the Japathon! conference call.  We had both served on the Japathon! team so it was a true honor to gather for this event.  We had both dedicated more time to our own japa practice and Deborah spent August and September inviting and preparing her students for the Japathon!  It was evident as we gathered together the many layers of “knots” that were unraveling in our community.  “I am more myself, more relaxed, more connected with everything in my life,” said one student, with others nodding in agreement. Om Namah Shivaya is truly the liberating song of God.

One new student who had been inquiring about mantra repetition said,

I never knew how powerful repeating a word could be in keeping my mind focused in meditation.

What grace came into her life.  Not only had she been introduced to mantra, but also to the gifts of being introduced to the rich lineage of Svaroopaâ Vidya Ashram and the understanding of our song of God, our song of Self.  Another student said,

Chanting connects me to my inner calm.  My meditations after chanting are deep and sweet.

Thank you Swami Nirmalananda for dedicating 2013 as the Year of Japa.  It is a gift to me, my community, the Ashram and the world.