Sarvaata's puja with offerings of flowers for Master Yoga's Birthday celebration.

Svaroopa® yoga teachers Sarvataa (Dorothy) Christie. Mari Mulitsch, and Kavi (Chris) Peppell held a birthday party with Sarvataa’s husband Matt and daughter Emily. Sarvataa says, “I got blissed just getting the balloons filled with helium! The bliss shone throughout the store to other customers! I smiled my way around the store and got lots of smiles, hellos and happy birthdays in return.

“Before Mari arrived, Kavi and I anointed ourselves with heena oil, sacred ash, ganga and kumkum from the Niyananda Temple in Ganeshpuri, which I brought
home with me from the February India trip.
logo birthday cake-Sarvataa

Then Mari arrived with the cake…party time! Mari Mulitsch is our local cake specialist. Her mom made the super chocolatey cake, and Mari used her expertise in cake decorating to create a super chocolatey masterpiece! Yummy yum yum!

“Lighting the candles, I got burned! The heat from the candle flames were hot, yes, but I felt a deep inner burning. The Fire of Yoga, burning away all that gunk. As I lit each candle, I felt an inner spaciousness; I felt that it took a wonderful eternity to light all those candles!

Sarvaata_3“We offered flowers and rice to the puja; what a celebration of grace and community! We sang Happy Birthday to us…and many more! We listened to Swami read her birthday message to us; the true icing on the cake! To know we are celebrating here, and globally, and to be part of our community is a truly deep experience! Fun!! The Svaroopa® yoga Way!!!”

Posted by the Birthday Committee