Rama_pose-Mukti 07Originally we intended to publish more FAQs about the consolidation of MYF and SVA, but we were surprised to find that there weren’t many questions! Instead, we received many lovely compliments and thank yous that we’d like to share with you:

“Thanks to all that made this consolidation possible. I think it is a positive move.”

“Thank God!  I feel the love.  I cried when I read the article.  I have been wondering, waiting…still unclear why that happened, what sort of logic…but that is the past…We can become closer now…”

“So simple – makes so much sense!”

“Infinite Love & Gratitude”

 47“My gratitude to the Board members, past and present and all who have served through this period of transition…which now that I think about it has been going on since Rama Berch came back from India and decided to call the style of yoga she was teaching Svaroopa.”

“Easiness and less duplication…more grace!”

“Ah, the wonders of yoga! Thank You again and again!”

“Unification will benefit each of us in ways yet to be explored individually and collectively.  Yay!”