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My editorial in yesterday’s “Tadaa!” announced the consolidation of Svaroopa® yoga and meditation all under one roof [click here].

Where there were two, now is only one.

I brought the full spectrum of yogic sciences when I returned to America after seven years of full time study with my Guru.  He had given me things I didn’t even know I had!  I named the physical practice (yoga poses) “svaroopa,” pointing you back toward your own Self at every twist and turn.

Under the banner of “svaroopa,” we created two organizations, working to create differences where none really exist, like trying to slice through the middle of a bowl full of water.  Earlier this year, the Boards of both Master Yoga and the Ashram recognized that the strict separation meant students’ needs were not prioritized.  Both Boards began exploring a deeper collaboration and brought questions to you in our Collaboration Questionnaire. [Click here to respond to our NEW Consolidation Questionnaire.]

Now we’ve benefited from many months of collaborative work, plus learned from your feedback and your questions.  Each organization has moved progressively and inexorably toward one conclusion, one path, one reality.  That which has been two must become one, just like yoga promises for any who follow its path all the way.

What does this mean for you?  Our October conference, Alignment with Grace, was always planned as a shared program.  YTT Level 1 begins tomorrow in Exton PA, now under the Ashram’s direction and support.  Our dedicated Teacher Trainers will continue to teach your 2013 & 2014 programs as already announced.

Your money is secure.  Your course prepayments are carefully tracked and held in reserves until your training is held.  If you are completing a payment plan, your payments will continue as you requested.  Scholarships continue to be available. SATYA memberships are secure, with your publications and services continuing unchanged.

The big change is that Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram is now a full-service yoga organization, offering the whole spectrum of Svaroopa® Sciences:  yoga and meditation.  We have Board members from both organizations doing seva for the Ashram, working with our Trainers, staff and other sevites.  We all dedicated to the same high purpose that always fueled the practices – to know the Self.

Our programs continue to offer the practices and teachings that guarantee you will know svaroopa, your own Divine Essence.  We train teachers:  yoga teachers and meditation teachers.  The fastest way to change the world is to train teachers, which is why I turned my focus this direction almost 20 years ago.

With the Ashram serving as the source for all the teachings and practices, we join many other Ashrams in America who have been teaching yoga and training teachers for decades.  Yoga moved into the health clubs a few years ago, but had been nurtured by the Ashrams and slowly saturating the American psyche since the late 19th century. Now Svaroopa® yoga joins these venerable ranks, organizations that have been serving for so long and can provide us a model for success.

Your own opportunities in yoga are huge!  It’s just like at a salad bar, you get to pick which items you want and how much you will have.  The Guru question comes up.  I answer it this way, “It’s not about the Guru.  It’s about yoga.  Even a little yoga makes a lot of difference in your life. And when you do more yoga, you get more than you ever imagined possible. ”

With great love and respect, Swami Nirmalananda

 Please click here to respond to our NEW Consolidation Questionnaire.

|| OM svaroopa svasvabhavah namo namah  ||