Story of Two Purses

by Karuna (Carolyn) Beavercarolyn saree 4

Karuna_handbag_largeThe two purses I donated for the Silent Auction are actually are from two different trips to India, both with Swamiji. The first trip was to Beach and Lake Resort in Southern India, for a dip not only into Swamiji’s teachings but into Ayurvedic care. The free time we had was abundant, as was the shopping. I came home with more wonderful things than I could really use, and tucked the bright orange and gold purse away, thinking it would make a wonderful gift.

karanua_handbag_childThe second (smaller) red purse came from the recent trip to Ganeshpuri, where there were fewer, but still wonderful, shopping opportunities. It was purchased at a special shop set up for us at the Fire Mountain Retreat Center, with the proceeds to benefit that wonderful organization. When I bought it, I thought it was a gift that could give twice — once to Fire Mountain, and again to MYF. Stylistically, the purses are very different. One is glittery and fancy, the other plain and utilitarian. But there are no differences. It’s all Shiva in many forms and aspects!

Story of Two Ganesha Murtis

Karobi in NimboliBy Kusuma (Karobi) Sachs

When I thought about what I wanted to donate to the Silent Auction for Master Yoga, it was a no-brainer…. I was in Ganeshpuri; of course it was to be a murti of Ganesha!  I have been to Ganeshpuri four times and have found a “favorite” murti shop right on the main shopping street in town.

Kusumajis Ganesha donationsI went there, and they pulled out many Ganesha murtis, and, as happens with murtis, one spoke to me and it was clear He was to be part of our Silent Auction.  Sweet and easy.  He traveled with me to Allahabad for the Kumbha Mela and back to PA, where he is now ready to adorn someone’s puja.

My first murti I ever purchased was Ganesha. I found him in the shop at Kripalu, a sweet Ganesha lying on his side with his big belly.  I seem to have attracted a lot of Ganeshas into my life; I guess I need help with obstacles and new beginnings. The second Ganesha murti (the smaller one) I am donating lived on my office puja at Master Yoga in Exton .  It was clear when we downsized that it was time for him to find a new home, and so he is ready for a new puja to adorn, taking the many blessing of Master Yoga with him.