Thank you for your strong response to our Alignment Questionnaire, asking for your input on increased collaboration between Master Yoga and Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram.  Over 90 yogis have responded and we appreciate your many thoughtful comments and insightful input.

Here’s what you have told us about collaboration between MYF and SVA:

  • You selected the most important benefits as being:  streamlined communications, more efficient administration, and Swami Nirmalananda’s oversight and direction.
  • Most of you find it relatively easy to deal with each organization separately. A few of you reported difficulties sorting out the two.  Several yogis spoke of appreciation for the assistance that Caroline, Cheryl and sevites provide.
  • Many of you suggested the two organizations become one.

What we need more input on is the concerns you have.  One-third of you completely skipped answering the question about concerns.  Maybe you don’t have any concerns — how wonderful!  Maybe you trust us to work things out as we move ahead.  Or, hmm, maybe the question didn’t serve you.

While your responses don’t give us any consistent or community-wide concerns, some yogis did express specific concerns.  We’ve gathered your questions and posted answers in our FAQs.  We will continue to add to them as we get more questions and concerns from you.

If you have already responded to our Questionnaire, we thank you!  If not, please click here, any time between now and August 25.  The Master Yoga Board is eager to hear from you! Your input helps shape your future.


Shuchi (Sue) Cilley

MYF Board President