2013 Alignment with GraceI can teach things at our upcoming Conference that I rarely get to teach.  This is because I can only teach what the students in any given class are ready for.  Similarly, a kindergarten teacher cannot teach high school biology to her young students.  When so many Svaroopis gather together, do deep practice together, work with each other (and work on each other), they raise their readiness level collectively and individually.  This is why my keynote addresses at the last two conferences were two hours each time.  This is why I’m splitting the keynote into two pieces this time!  Plus, the first half will get you ready for the second half.  Consider where we can go then!

The human body, compared to other living creatures, is like a crystal compared to other rocks.  Aside from a crystal’s beauty, it also has conductive properties; the first radios were called “crystal sets” because they were made with a crystal inside.

CERNThis means your body conducts energy, a specific type of energy only identified by modern science in the last 20-30 years.  The ancient sages knew all about it and maximized it for their benefit — and for yours.  They called their science “yoga,” just as the science that created crystal sets is called physics.  There is a huge statue of the dancing Siva outside CERN, the Geneva physics lab that recently found the Higgs bosun, precisely because physics and yoga share so many things in common.

This means when so many yogis come together, it’s like a room full of living, breathing crystals, crystals that have been maximizing their conductivity for months, years or decades.  Even if you try to conjure up negativity and anxiety, as familiar as they are, they will evaporate in the transcendent atmosphere created by your peers.

Not only does it make me able to offer teachings that generally few are ready to hear, but your group vibe draws the Grace like flowers draw butterflies.  My duty is to serve as a conduit of that Grace, just as every Svaroopa® yoga teacher does in every class she or he teaches, each according to their ability.  So we steep together in the cosmic flow, a Divine Event.  An event that means you will go home changed, in ways that only yoga can change you.

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