Master Yoga’s new Enrollment System works!  I speak as a recent user and as a retired technical writer for the computer industry. I could tell you scary stories! There was the time I had to train Air Force Logistics Command officers on a command, control and communications system that… well, that was decades ago, and I digress. The point is, I’ve seen lots of systems in my time. I know from experience that our new Enrollment System is technology that will make it easier for you to enroll in courses. Sarah Hunter, Svaroopa® Yoga Introductory Teacher, concurs, “It’s a great idea.”

Login ScreenTake a moment to get acquainted! Click this link, and type in your email address.

You’ll soon receive an email with a temporary user name and password (which are case-sensitive) and a link for logging in.

When you click on that link, the Search for Courses page opens. At the top of the page, you’ll see a blue menu bar with four options (followed by Log Out):

  • Home takes you to the Svaroopa® Yoga website
  • Select My Account to review your contact information and update it (if needed)
  • Select Change Password to create your own username and password
  • Help provides guidance on finding courses and enrolling

Sarah especially appreciates the ease of using the Search for Courses to find a course. “It shows you all of the possible selections to help narrow down the course choices. You don’t have to go scrolling through a whole page to find what you think you want.”

Here’s how it works. At the bottom on the Search for Courses page, you see three Search Boxes —*PROGRAM TYPE | Key Words | Course/Conference Type:

  • Use PROGRAM TYPE to select the calendar year for a program
  • Then click the down arrow on Key Words to identify the category of the program you want
  • OR you can click the down arrow on Course/Conference Type to make your program choices

I just did this to sign up for ATT Deeper Practices in November 2014.  The whole process — from finding the course to receiving an email confirmation — took about 10 minutes.  Just as Swami said in her July 9 Blog, “Yoga is skillful action…” For all too long I’d been meaning to register for this course, for my students’ benefit as well as my own. Doing so (at last!), through the ease and speed of the New Enrollment System, actually provided tail bone opening!

This “skillful action” happens on both sides of the course enrollment process. Before, the credit card receipt had to be handled four times before a registration transaction was complete — there were lots of manual steps. Now the whole transaction is one step and nearly instantaneous. Moreover, staff can easily generate reports to know how many students each current and future course has as well as well as MYF’s financial profile.

As with any system, the New Enrollment System is continuing to evolve and improve. When I studied technical writing, I learned that any good system is more than electronics; it includes people! Our New Enrollment System is no exception. If you need technical help, just email or call 866-588-9642 ext 13. You will hear from a Sevite, and once more experience “Support Equals Release” as well as “This Stuff Works”!

For answers to questions, you can still call Caroline at 610.363.9642, ext 5. Or email