Life revolves around program dates, especially if you’re excited about expanding your skills and serving your students and clients.  This is why Master Yoga always announces our next year’s professional training dates in June — for YTT (Yoga Teacher Training), EYTS (Enrich Your Teaching Skills) and ATT (Advanced Teacher Training).  Some of these courses are held once or twice a year, with some offered every second or third year, so we know you need to plan wa-a-a-ay ahead.

MYF poster mailer 1306You’ve received your course mailer by now — the fold-out poster, and I hope you are as excited about it as we are.  It’s designed for you to hang it on your wall in your yoga room, to continually reinspire you.  The 2014 dates are there in a beautiful graphic display that catches your eye.

Each panel is a window of opportunity, a whole menu of choices for the rest of this year and for 2014.

Clicking on a link in our website calendar now takes you to our online Enrollment System, where you’ll find all the information you need, including:

  • Course Description
  • Dates & Times
  • Prerequisites (if any)
  • Tuition & Materials Fee (if any)
  • Certifications Awarded (where applicable)

You can be part of our On-The-Road teaching in 2014!  Our calendar is not yet complete, as we are adding hosted programs in yogis’ home towns, maybe even your own.   In the next month, we’ll be filling in those teaching dates for Vidyadevi and Karobi.  In addition, we have Weekend Workshop Leaders and Foundations Teachers who can come to you — even in 2013 as well as planning for 2014.  All together we have 11 teachers who will deliver yoga to your doorstep:

Vidyadevi (Cathy) Stillman — Weekend Workshops & Foundations Trainings [click to invite]

Karobi Sachs — Weekend Workshops & Foundations Trainings  [click to invite]

Addie Alex — Weekend Workshops [click to invite]

Bhakta (Leslie) Johnson — Foundations Trainings [click to invite]

Devi (Elizabeth) McKenty — Weekend Workshops & Foundations Trainings [clickto invite]

Janaki (Janet) Murray — Foundations Trainings [clickto invite]

Kamala (Michelle) Gross — Foundations Trainings [clickto invite]

Mangala (Cayla) Allen — Weekend Workshops [click to invite]

Margo Gebraski — Foundations Trainings [click to invite]

Yogeshwari (Lissa) Fountain — Weekend Workshops [click to invite]

Tish Roy — Foundations Trainings  [click to invite]

2014 calendar depositphotos-comWe will have the full 2014 calendar planned for you by September, though there are sometimes last-minute additions or changes.

Tuition rates have remained unchanged for two years, including our October conference — the same rate as two years ago, plus you get a $101 discount if you enroll early.

Click here to let us know now what you are interested in for next year and we’ll hold your spot for you!  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.