Robin Blankenship, who posted the Birthday pictures on Master Yoga’s Facebook page, gave voice to our shared experience: “I am receiving such JOY from these pictures and from posting them. I feel like I am at each party!”

Yogeshwari's innovative birthday cake.

Svaroopis celebrated from May 17-19th in unique and significant ways:  special classes, satsangs, chanting, meditation and even a gathering at an Indian restaurant.  Swamiji’s birthday message (in audio and in print) along with beautifully decorated cakes, large and small, and balloons were everywhere with voices joining together to sing “Happy Birthday, Master Yoga, Happy Birthday to Us!”


This unified celebration gave everyone a chance to see longtime friends and those they have heard of through Tadaa! and other publications. It also reinforced that we are all One at the deepest level and in our love of Svaroopa® yoga.  “This community is born from shared experience of dipping deeply into Consciousness,” offered one of the Birthday Committee blogs. See the archived photos & stories.

Rudrani holds the cake for her celebrating students at Bliss Yoga in Calgary.

Now let’s continue our warm conversations and keep our radiant relationships enlivened!

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We have all just met in a phenomenal worldwide party, or we have renewed friendships forged in Teacher Training. As we say in the South, y’all come back! Don’t be a stranger!