I live in amazement.  On one hand, the texts describe the ultimate state as one of perpetual amazement, but today I am amazed again – I am amazed at the power of yogis uniting in a common cause.  Today (and many days) that cause is Master Yoga.  Thank you.

photo by Brendan Nogue, Calgary

I say thank you because your generous donations have met and exceeded our Birthday Fund Raising Goal.  With the first $10,000 of your donations being matched, turning them into $20,000 and meeting our goal, you didn’t stop there.  Individual donations ranged in size from $21 (or less) and up to hundreds of dollars and thousands of dollars.  Your gifts so far total $20,864, with more still arriving in the mail and online everyday.

But my thank you is not just about money, as important as that is in today’s world.  My thanks to you is because you want more yoga.  Especially in the birthday party reports, my heart was touched by your stories and your reasons for celebrating.  I saw in your faces and heard in your words that the teachings I bring you are important to you.  I am heartened, not only because you want Master Yoga to continue to serve you, but because you want to continue in your yoga.  I am amazed to hear your reports of how yoga has changed your life – and yet, while amazed, I am not surprised.  For this is the power of yoga.

The fire of yoga burns away all the impurities, like a goldsmith heating his gold to make it a purer grade.  The fire of yoga warms and illumines – not only you but it touches everyone you share your life with.  The fire of yoga is a sacred flame, shining your own Divinity into the world.  The fire of yoga shines brighter because you have chosen to make it so, by supporting Master Yoga’s work in the world.

With great gratitude,

Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati