Birthday Committee Head Marlene Gast savoring birthday cake.

Marlene Gast savoring birthday cake.

by Marlene Gast, Board Member

I received the emails reporting on the worldwide celebrations for Master Yoga’s 21st birthday, in my seva as head of the Master Yoga Birthday Committee.  Like a prism receiving beams of light, I refracted the streams of photos and words to Members of the Committee* who have been working alongside me.  We all feel especially blessed by being able to virtually attend each and every party!

Robin gives voice to our shared experience: “I am receiving such JOY from these pictures and from posting them. I feel like I am at each party! Also, doing seva is such a wonderful experience for me — it is so different than my other volunteer experience. So Happy on this Birthday Weekend! Yes, feeling the inspiration from Swamiji’s blog.” It’s been a magnificent 10 days of being together.  In so many ways it’s been like those other 10-day immersions in the company of other Svaroopis — the Teacher Training programs that Master Yoga has given us over the past 21 years.

Saguna (Kelly) Goss, Master Yoga Board, Governance Chair

Saguna (Kelly) Goss, Master Yoga Board Member

During our weekend of celebrating, Master Yoga Board Governance Chair Saguna Goss confirmed the feeling of community from our celebrations, “I have to share that I love all the birthday posts! What a beautiful way of creating community. It has deepened my own experience of community…”

We have all worked together for the purpose of opening the avenues within to know our Self at the deepest depths, opening the inward way to Consciousness.

Looking at the photos that have all of us have shared is a definite trigger to experience of Bliss – of svaroopa. You see your yoga friends from around the world – Svaroopis you have trained with or have heard from in Tadaa! articles or names you have heard from friends. We are of course all One at the deepest level, and we are clearly One in our love for the organization that serves us with teachings and teachers to support our ever-deepening experience of svaroopa.

21 candles alightMaster Yoga is alive and well – and a dashing 21 years old. Master Yoga is all of us, all the time – all in the service of bringing the Bliss of our core into the world.

We our Foundations grads. We are Certified Svaroopa® Basics Teachers and Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teachers.

Please take a few moments to look at our photos again through the last 10 days of blogs.

We have belonged to Master Yoga for decades, and our local communities are filled with Svaroopis. We have belonged to Master Yoga for a year or so. Or we are somewhere in the middle of the time and size spectrums.  Yet it’s all the same Fire of Yoga in everyone and in every place. Our smiles and eyes radiate that sweet soft ever-enduring light!

In loving service,  Marlene 

*Committee Members Susan Emerson, Robin Blankenship, Sarah Hunter and David Falbaum. Sarah, Susan and I (Marlene) have blogged about our own celebrations as well as those in the rest of our community; Robin posted the photos to the Master Yoga Facebook page; and David Falbaum created the photo spreads on our Birthday Webpage.  Janaki (Janet) Murray collected all of the birthday celebration photos and accounts from Australia.