Blissful yogis in Downingtown

In geology, the epicenter of an earthquake is the deep place of shifting rock from which the forces that change the earth’s surface radiate out.

Located between Master Yoga’s facility in Exton and the Ashram in Downingtown, Downingtown Yoga Meditation Center is certainly situated at the epicenter of Svaroopa® Sciences.

Thank you to Connie Mohn for the photos from DYMC that convey the bliss of the Saturday, May 17th celebration.  It featured a free class, and then the party: Balloons, cake, candles and community, born from shared experience of dipping deeply into Consciousness.

In these photos we see what we all experience: The transformative shifts in our bedrock light our faces up!

Chocolate cake -- a taste of bliss from the outside...

Chocolate cake —  bliss from an outer source…