saguna kelly gossBy Kelly (Saguna) Goss, MYF Board Member, &  Swami Nirmalananda, MYF Master Teacher & President

The Fire of Yoga has shown up in many ways at Master Yoga, including the fire that burned down our campus in 2007.  Swamiji titled a contemplation article “The Fire of Yoga,” when she started revealing the teachings on Kundalini.

Saguna adds, “The Fire of Yoga became very real and personal to me with my first experience of Kundalini as heat in my spine, and now continues through the many many candles that I have been lighting.  Yet this past February in Ganeshpuri, I had a new and profound experience of the Fire of Yoga during our yaj~na, the Vedic fire ceremony.”DSC_0112 cropped

Saguna continues, “The entire afternoon was filled with offering, after offering, after offering to the sacred fire.  I was mesmerized by each one.  With every single offering I could feel a shift in my body, in my mind and in my awareness.  Each time the priest chanted the offering mantra, while Master Yoga Board Members Dean and Shuchi (Sue) Cilley, offered ghee to the fire, I could feel my tailbone lengthening and my heart opening.  The offerings to this sacred fire were having the same effect on me as a Svaroopa® yoga class — except that it was much deeper. It was like hundreds of yoga classes in one amazing afternoon!

“I could tell that the fire of yoga was opening layers of tension within me and burning away the physical and subtle knots in my spine that have been limiting me.  It amazes me that these changes came from being in the presence of the fire of yoga, and that the changes were specifically intense at the moment the offerings were poured into the fire.”

Swamiji adds, “As we celebrate Master Yoga’s 21st Birthday, we are honoring the fire of yoga.”  Whether you lit 21 candle flames on a birthday cake, or you are making financial offerings  to the organization that has given so much, you’re letting your yogic light shine.

When you follow your impulse of generosity, your act of giving is a yoga practice called dakshina.  A gift of any size fulfills the time-honored practice of financially supporting your teacher and helping to preserve the ancient teachings in our modern world  At this time in the life of Master Yoga, your donation is especially significant — a birthday gift to celebrate our coming of age, as well as continuing to support our Reawakening.

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