Svaroopis in Concord MA.

Svaroopis in Concord MA.

Leading Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher Yogeshwari (Lissa) Fountain teaches four classes at different studios in metropolitan Boston each week.

“I wanted to expose all of my students to the celebration of Master Yoga’s birthday. Classes consist of old timers as well as new students. The really new people didn’t know what was going on. But the birthday celebrations were a great way to educate them about all that Master Yoga offers us as well as remind the long-time students.”

Yogeshwari's innovative birthday cake.

Yogeshwari’s innovative birthday cake.

She treated each of her classes to an innovative gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free cake.  Yogeshwari explains, “So many people are trying not to eat sugar these days, so I assembled a birthday cake from whole strawberries, blueberries and almonds for each of my classes. It was yummy, and there was no guilt about eating cake! We kept it simple!!

“What stood out for me was singing Happy Birthday to Master Yoga, Happy Birthday to us! I told my students, you ARE Master Yoga. We’re really celebrating YOU. Your commitment to taking classes and immersing in weekend workshops keeps Master Yoga thriving.’

“Students who had participated in weekend Yogimmersions talked about how much they had gotten from such a deep experience, and the new students were very interested in hearing about it.

Yogeshwari holds the birthday cake for her Deeper class.

Yogeshwari holds the birthday cake for her Deeper class.

“I explained that Master Yoga was 5 years old when I started my YTT, and with this 21st birthday, we are also celebrating Master Yoga’s Reawakening from the October 2012 financial crisis. People made donations – not because I pushed it on them. I just said, ‘Donate if you would like to do this…’ It was surprising and wonderful to see some take out their checkbooks!

“The students realized their participation is a key ingredient in keeping Master Yoga alive and well.  They took it personally!”

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