You had to learn how to teach yoga, and now you need to learn how to market your services.  People love what you do once they find you!  You simply make yourself findable.  That’s called “marketing.” 

Swami Nirmalananda created this free at-home training at the request of many Svaroopis who want to dedicate themselves more fully to their yoga, and more fully to teaching.  Swamiji says, “When you teach one class per week, you have taught 50 classes in a year.  You are a better teacher.  But if you teach 10 classes per week, in a year you have taught 500 classes – and are a much much better teacher.  The world needs more yoga teachers who actually TEACH!”

Free to SATYA members, our new course is taught by our Marketing Panel, who are volunteering their services to Master Yoga for your benefit.  Each month a different subject is offered, with our different experts rotating through so you can get to know them.  When you apply their generic advice and see the results, you may also want personal coaching, which they make available at a discount for SATYA members.

Click here to enroll for your first call. You’ll receive the phone number and passcode a few days before the call happens.

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