Anticipation Is Building!
Our Birthday is getting closer and we’ve got lots going on. Check out our new YouTube channel to see the two video clips from Master Yoga’s 5th Birthday celebration in the park in La Jolla — 1983. We’ll be adding more archives for your viewing pleasure as we build up to the birthday party weekend.
We’re starting to hear about lots of yoga parties. You may still order your Party-in-a-Packet until May 10 – click here to order now. Our Birthday Poster is online; print the Poster to hang on your yoga room wall or to hand out as a flier / invitation to your event. Help us mark the day with great joy!

Dancing Flames
Your quick response and generous gifts have brought us almost halfway to our fundraising goal already! Matching Funds double every gift, so the $4,059 already received turns into $8,118 – which is 41% of our goal. The $20,000 we’ve targeted is General Fund support, which means it helps us pay the electric bill and salaries for our hardworking staff and teachers. More importantly, it keeps us in a relationship of mutual trust and support: we serve you but we also rely on you for the funding that keeps our doors open. Click here to help us reach our goal – and remember, every dollar is doubled!

Enrollment System
We’ve been live with our new Enrollment System for only 3 days, and almost 100 yogis have already logged in. Conference registration is happening there, and our new FREE Marketing Course for SATYA members is now online.
In another few days, we’ll be importing your personal information from our old database, for your confidential use. We’ll ask you to login and verify your contact information, prior course attendance and birthdate (tell us when!), as well as fill in the blanks so we can better serve you. It’s wonderful to have such modern yogis, who know how to use technology – they’re called 21st Century Yogis.

The big discount is obviously popular – which is why we set it up. We want to make the conference irresistible to you. As far as deals go, this is as good as it gets. Our baseline tuition is the same as 2 years ago, already a good deal, and when you figure that 4½ meals are included, you can’t afford to stay home.
Spend some time on our brand new Conference Website, an exciting new format, built to be highly interactive. Click through all the many portals to discover the wealth of workshops and special events, with more that will be announced soon. Register now to be one of the first 101 yogis and get $101 off!