We’re online!  Our Conference registration is being handled in our new Enrollment System!

Months of research and behind-the-scenes work have placed us in the 21st Century.   We are upgrading our technology, to serve you better, smoother, easier, faster and more effectively.   Our plan is that the changeover is easy for you, with the bulk of the changes being internal, making everything easier for our administrative team, so they can focus on you instead of paperwork.  Within two weeks, all of our programs will be in our new enrollment screen for you.  Yet Caroline Kennedy will continue to delight in serving you personally if you prefer, so you can do it the way you’ve always done it.

We will also be migrating your payment plans and monthly memberships to our  new system soon.  For this, we’ll ask you to log in and enter your credit card or bank account information.  We haven’t kept that information because it would pose a security risk, so you’ll need to provide it again.  If you prefer, we can get the info from you by phone, as we have a team of yogis ready to assist with the migration process.

Thank you to the yogis who have already given a weekend to preparing the Enrollment System by entering the information for our 2013 programs.  Rukmini Abbruzzi, Shuchi (Sue) Cilley, Louise Davis & Sri (Sonya) McNeill worked with sevite David Falbaum and staff member Cheryl Davis to set it up.   We’ll be unveiling it all very soon, including handling your October Conference enrollment.