Leaning in to Celebrate

by Susan Emerson

I recently took Foundations and Vidyadevi talked about leaning into to your bones. That has resonated with me since. I am constantly in a state of “leaning in.” It has become my mantra; lean into life; lean into my bones and lean into a state of Grace. Some days I forget, some days I slip and yet I always come back to “leaning in.” Such simple words yet so powerful.

I love Svaroopa® yoga. I have been doing some form of yoga for 30 years. I taught myself yoga with a book 30 years ago by Richard Hittleman – 28 Days of Yoga. That began my journey. I repeated that book over and over. Then I started taking all kinds of hatha yoga classes; something was always missing. Until finding Svaroopa® yoga, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was missing.

The practice of Svaroopa® yoga has taught me what the missing element was. To me Svaroopa® yoga is imbued with a richness of practice, philosophy and a deep spirituality. That was it: the trinity of the Divine all put together in one practice.

To me, Master Yoga’s 21st birthday is about coming of age. I am just starting out teaching Svaroopa® yoga, in a location to which I have recently moved. So I will be a party of one — celebrating with a cupcake and a candle on May 17.

[Susan is a Foundations Grad & is serving on our 21st Birthday Committee]

The Early Years

Enjoy some video from Master Yoga’s 5th birthday celebration, just posted on our website. Our Great Event was held in a nearby park, overlooking the ocean, an all-day event with entertainment, food and lots of yoga. Swamiji is digging through archives to find more of Master Yoga’s history and will be posting them on the website in the coming days.

Party in a Packet

birthday1Birthday balloons and candles — let us know you’re having a party and we’ll send you all of these and more. It also includes a a step-by-step guide to birthday bliss and a Birthday Message from Swami Nirmalananda

Click here for invitations you can email or print out to hand out or mail. And a big poster to put on the wall of your yoga studio.

We’ll supply you with everything except the cake — that’s up to you!

Email us and we’ll send your Party  Packet: birthday@masteryoga.org.